Raising the Bar

Take drinking and dining to new heights at Minneapolis’s best restaurant roof decks
  Brit’s Pub
1110 Nicollet Ave
901 Hennepin Ave.
Joe’s Garage
1610 Harmon Pl.
900 Hennepin Ave
1402 W. Lake St
Freshly mown
lawn-bowling green: What is this, Manchester?
Stark, modern, and sparseAs low-key as your neighbor’s patio, kids includedTiki torches, twinkle lights, and tequilaNautical theme gone overboard
Target types dressed in suits and ID badges Mature, moneyed sophisticates in high-end, brand-name attireCasual diners. Go ahead, spill your beer.Well-dressed theatergoers and less-dressed club-goersUptown hipsters accessorizing with cowboy hats and Coach clutches
The View Office buildings filled with workers envying you The YMCA pool next door and the Powerball billboard across the streetGlimpses of Loring Park and the BasilicaThe inner workings of, yes, the Powerball billboardA postcard-worthy shot of downtown Minneapolis—the best of the bunch
When to goHappy HourThursday through Saturday, the later the better—the bar opens at 7 p.m.Brunch. Toast the morning with a Bloody Mary and eggs Benedict.Sundays at dusk. The Powerball billboard is put to use as a movie screen.There is no off-hour for Uptown’s most popular rooftop.
What to eat The Scotch egg is best left to the imagination. Try fish & chips or pub pie.Ordering a burger here isn’t tacky if it’s the one with grilled ahi tuna. Even when temps climb, the piping-hot mashed potatoes are the fave.The assortment of Spanish tapas for two ($25) makes for a cheap date.The spicy fried calamari and the Crabby Patty sandwich
What to drinkBoddingtons, Fuller’s, and Newcastle, mate A ginger margarita—the glass is rimmed with the powdered spiceWith names like
Sextini and Metrotini, the drinks practically sell themselves.
The Ruby Red Slipper will take you over the rainbow.The Slap Yo’ Momma backhands with Citroen lemonade and pomegranate.  

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