Bogart To Go

There’s a tiny movie theater near my cabin—the kind that gets movies a couple months after their release date and sells tickets for less than the price of a small popcorn at Regal or Mann. As kids, my cousins and I never noticed the delay or paid much attention to the cheap ticket prices. To us, a movie was a movie, and getting to go to town was always a treat.

But there was one event that happened every summer at the theater that we all greatly anticipated: the annual movie-poster sale. The four of us girls could hardly wait to get our hands on such gems The Mask of Zorro (hello, Antonio Banderas!), Tom and Meg in You’ve Got Mail, or, the ultimate treasure, Leo in all his Titanic glory. We counted down the days to the sale, eagerly awaiting the moment we’d get to plaster our bedroom walls with the latest, greatest faces and titles.

So you can imagine my nostalgic excitement when I saw that Trylon Microcinema is having a movie-poster sale this weekend. Hundreds of pristine posters will be up for grabs at the little south Minneapolis theater, from classics (Godzilla) to one-of-a-kind originals commissioned specifically for past events at the theater.

The theater has grown in popularity since opening in 2009 and this is “definitely not a yearly occurrence,” according to the folks at Trylon, so come get your pick while the picking’s good!

Trylon Microcinema Poster Sale
Saturday, September 21–Sunday, September 22
11 a.m.–3 p.m.
$5–$35 per poster
Trylong Microcinema, 3258 Minnehaha Ave., Mpls., 612-424-5468

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