Buy an Alec Soth, End Homelessness

Art 4 Shelter is one of those rare fundraisers to which there is no catch. There’s no expensive cover charge. There’s no pressure to give beyond your means—or give at all, really. And you get something in return. Not just a free drink or dinner, but an original piece of art provided for the event by one of the hundred-plus local, national, and international artists who believe in this cause.

What is the cause? To end homelessness. All the proceeds from Art 4 Shelter go toward Simpson Housing Services, a Minneapolis-based non-profit whose mission is to house, support, and advocate for people experiencing homelessness. All you need to do is come to Burnet Gallery tomorrow night from 5-9 p.m., browse the 1,000+ pieces of art (all of which are anonymous—names aren’t what count here!), and, if you so choose, buy one (or two or three or…), bring it home, and enjoy.

Need more reasons? Here’s why you should attend, in numbers:

  • More than 1,000 original works will be up for grabs
  • Every piece (all 5×7 inches) is just $30
  • Some 13,100 Minnesotans are homeless; 3,200 of them are children—Simpson Housing helps get them on their feet and into permanent housing
  • It’s a one-night-only, once-a-year event—if you miss it Wednesday night, you miss it entirely
  • Simpson Housing Services helps more than 200 families (including 500 children) find housing annually and provides shelter for 66 homeless men and women nightly

And a few visual reasons:

To see a list of contributing artists, see Art 4 Shelter’s website. (FYI, one of them is Alec Soth!) Not that it really matters. Because in the end, what’s important is that by buying something pretty for your home, you’re bringing someone else one step closer to having a home. And nothing tops that.

Art 4 Shelter
Wednesday, May 9
Burnet Gallery, Le Meridien Chambers Hotel, 901 Hennepin Ave., Mpls.