Flirting with Romance

Valentine’s Day usually elicits snorts from my single girlfriends and eye-rolling from my marrieds. Even my husband has declared it a “Hallmark holiday,” the ultimate in consumer manipulation. For me, it’s an excuse to drink champagne (not that I ever need one) and eat from Chinese take-out boxes. I refuse to join the restaurant crowds of teenage lovebirds and couples on their second dates. I don’t need flowers or heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. I’d be happy with a card, or one of these sweet nothings.

If you have more romantic aspirations than me, send your sweetheart to tonight’s Guys’ Night Out at Flirt lingerie boutique in St. Paul. He and the other brave boys can enjoy free beer and pizza while picking out a frilly yet classy gift for you—like this ’40s-inspired ensemble from Hale Bob. So darling, so not Vicky’s. Or, join him and pick something out yourself. Either way, he’ll be entered into a raffle for one of four $25 gift cards to Tavern on Grand. Love it.