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Airplane-Noise Annoyances in South Minneapolis

Can airport noise have negative health consequences?

How is Medical Treatment for Pro Athletes and Business Execs Influencing the Rest of...

Money can’t buy love. But can it buy health? How treatment received by pro athletes and business execs is influencing mainstream healthcare.

Child’s Play

Playtime is serious business

Still Kicking

Team sports for grownups offer health gains and pose risks.

Grain Drain

Is gluten-free living the cure for conditions that elude diagnosis?

Bringing Up Baby

The costs and benefits of IVF and fertility technology make prospective mothers’ choices an ever-changing concern

Are Cell Towers Safe for Schools?

Minneapolis parents propose a statewide ban

Child’s Pose

Can yoga, acupuncture, and other alternative therapies boost fertility?

The Caveman Controversy

In her new book, Paleofantasy, Marlene Zuk dared to debunk a lifestyle that advocates eating, exercising, and even mating like our ancestors. Now the outspoken insect-sex researcher has adversaries, who say she’s the one whose thinking needs to evolve.

Breakthrough Medicine

Fighting cancer, developing drugs, transplanting hands, treating aneurysms: it's all in a day's work for these pioneering Minnesota doctors and researchers.