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Photo of homes in Highland Park

Getting Started after Moving to the Twin Cities

Here are a few essentials to tackle before settling in
Photo of Substance Church, Historic Wesley Center location

Faith & Fellowship in the Twin Cities

All faith traditions have a home in the Twin Cities
Photo of Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Care That Matters: Healthcare in the Twin Cities

Minnesota health care providers are dedicated to giving you and your community the best care 24/7
Photo of student and teacher at Blake School

Top of the Class

The Twin Cities is a hub for education filled with top-rate teachers and stellar programs
Photo of United Way volunteers

Spirit of Giving

Twin Cities residents take volunteerism to heart
Photo of Target Plaza Commons

Business the “Minnesota Nice” Way

Home to several Fortune 500 companies and a thriving entrepreneurial and community-centered spirit, the Twin Cities are the perfect place to pursue your career
Photo of a room at Home2 Suites

A Home Before Your Home

The Twin Cities’ options for temporary housing fit any need or timeline
Photo of Latitude 45

Urban Finery: Dwelling in Luxury in the Heart of the Twin Cities

Living in the heart of the Twin Cities doesn’t mean you have to give up any amenities; in fact, with these luxury apartments and condominiums, you may find you have even more. Rooftop cabanas...
Photo of a neighborhood in Woodbury

Twin Cities Living’s 2019 Neighborhoods to Watch

RENOVATED HAVENS: Edina While not a rule, Edina residents tend to be more affluent. It starts with its location—just southwest of Minneapolis and adjacent to two major highways that allow residents easy access to big...
Photo of boats on Lake Minnetonka

Living on the Water in Excelsior & Excelsior

Lake Minnetonka has long been a popular destination, first by resort-goers who spent summers by the water and now, long after hotels have left the area, by some of the Twin Cities’ more affluent...