Ama Sushi Is a Cheap-Eats Champion

In Edina, a laid-back sushi experience arrives via brothers Sonam Nyorie and Rinpo Yak
Sushi Bucket at Ama Sushi
Sushi Bucket at Ama Sushi

Photo by Kevin Kramer

Much like the northeast Minneapolis staple Momo Sushi and the short-lived food truck Volcano Hibachi, Ama Sushi is a cheap-eats champion owned by the Tibetan brothers Sonam Nyorie and Rinpo Yak.

Nyorie first learned how to harness the subtle yet sublime flavors of raw seafood in New York City a little over a decade ago. His approach here is the polar opposite of the downtown hot spot Billy Sushi. It’s laid-back and more concerned with keeping customers happy than providing a pricey experience. It offers a Lungta Roll modeled after Tibetan prayer flags, and a very Minnesotan mound of whitefish in the November Roll.

While Momo Sushi fans will find a lot of overlap on Ama Sushi’s expansive menu (hello, sushi bucket!), Nyorie has more than a few tricks up his chef’s sleeve to make his Edina debut a destination in its own right. While Ama is far from the first Twin Cities restaurant to offer poke, its six different bowls are as well-composed as Nyorie’s budget-friendly chirashi. Roll wise, Ama has a handful of exclusives; its house special is a particularly photogenic blend of oshinko, kampyo, smoked salmon, tuna, yellowtail, and tobiko. 

Ama opened late last year in the former 50th and France home of the pan-Asian restaurant Hana Bistro. Judging by the beaming reviews it has received, it’s a welcome addition to Edina’s busiest stretch of small businesses.

Ama Sushi, 5033 France Ave. S., Edina,

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