Caribou Coffee Sources Beans From Around the World, Roasts in Minnesota

Life is…Minnesota. We are consistently ranked among the best places to live and work in the country. The community we have in Minnesota is unique. That’s why Caribou Coffee is committed to Minnesota and the values that our state has. In fact, our first store was opened in Edina, and every store we’ve opened since has been based on Minnesota values such as inviting our guests in with a comfortable and cozy place for them to enjoy and getting to know them by name.

Not only is Caribou Coffee committed to being the community place you love, but it is committed to being an active part of the Minnesota community. We roast all of our beans right here in Minnesota, offer our employees paid time off specifically for volunteering, sponsor charity events and partner with local organizations that share similar “Do Good” values. By sourcing our beans responsibly, we reduce environmental impact and help support communities around the world.

Our founders made the focus of Caribou Coffee, doing good in everything we do. From the customer experience, to the details we put into our quality food and beverage offerings, we want to ensure every interaction with Caribou Coffee is an uplifting one.

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