Copper Hen Cakery to Bring Late Night, Farm-to-Table Desserts to South Minneapolis

Southside Minneapolis has something sweet to look forward to this spring. Copper Hen Cakery will be arriving in early April and plans on being a nightspot that offers up fresh, local, farm-to-table desserts, a small house menu, wine, beer, and coffee.

Behind Copper Hen is husband and wife duo, Chris and Danielle Bjorling. Chis hails from Madison, Wisconsin. He moved to Minneapolis for school and is now a certified public accountant. Danielle grew up baking scratch-made desserts in her mother’s kitchen. She started taking baking classes when she was 14, and while working as a nanny, she has been baking for weddings and events on the side. The couple resides in South Minneapolis, where they hope to open the Copper Hen.

Although much of the financing is already in place, the duo recently exceeded their $10,000 Kickstarter goal, which will allow them to buy the bakery oven they need, among other things.

Chris and Danielle Bjorling

Danielle and Chris Bjorling plan on opening Copper Hen in April 2014

Copper Hen’s small, house menu will feature classic dishes like chicken pot pie, but based on the descriptions of their signature dessert items, you might end up ordering dessert first.

Danielle thinks that their “breakfast cupcake” will be the star of the show, featuring fresh blueberries and bacon that are hand-placed inside individual buttery crumble cakes. The whole works will be topped with cream cheese frosting and maple syrup.

“But the best, by far, is my red velvet cake,” says Danielle.

She says customers are particularly fond of her red velvet cake made with buttermilk, cocoa powder, and a touch of vinegar that adds a certain complexity to the somewhat predictable sweet treat. She says you’ll likely find her in the kitchen at Copper Hen hand shredding carrots for her raisin-free carrot cake, or fixing scratch-made hand pies.

Copper Hen also plans to offer traditional layered cakes for weddings and other events. Danielle explains that for those clients they want to offer something “different from the traditional,” Copper Hen will offer hand-made cake alternatives like Mason jar cakes or slab pies.

Copper Hen Cake

Copper Hen’s cakes will be made entirely of natural ingredients (Photo: L&E photography)

Danielle says you won’t find shortening or margarine in her baked goods or frostings. She’ll be using butter, and plenty of it. Copper Hen plans to source their butter, along with eggs, dairy products, whole wheat, berries, fruits, coffee, wine, and beer locally. They’ll offer all-natural frosting dyes and sprinkles–made with vegetable colorants instead of synthetics. They’ll also offer vegetarian and gluten-free options, including bread.

They explain that Copper Hen intends to have later hours than most traditional bakeries.

“We’ll close at 10pm, so you can come here for dessert after dinner,” says Chris. “Have a glass of wine and a dessert.”

Danielle excitedly explains “Do you want dessert first?” might be their tagline. In that case, you might to add Copper Hen to your spring nightspot list now.