Fringe Fe(a)sting

Minnesota’s annual Fringe Festival brings talent from countless different theatrical productions to stages across the metro area this weekend. As actors step outside their comfort zones to stun audiences, it’s only fitting you do the same with your culinary choices. On this week’s Moveable Feast, Rachel and John take on the spirit of the festivities with a list of notable new and intriguing dishes to try.

Tofu lovers, check out the jellyfish at Bloomington’s Mandarin Kitchen. Rachel compares its gelatinous texture to chicken feet. The dish’s mild taste also gives it versatility with different seasonings and an ever-changing flavor.

And it doesn’t get much more adventurous than Chino Latino’s South American inspired guinea pig (“cuy”), served face and all atop a platter of cooked veggies. For this one, advance ordering is required–but so worth it. 

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