Hi-Lo Diner Has (Literally) Traveled to the Twin Cities

Have you ever gone to an amazing restaurant on vacation and wished you could take it home with you? Four innovators in Minneapolis have put their own spin on this idea. The 1955 Fodero Diner of Gibsonia, Penn., has recently arrived by crane to 4020 E. Lake St. in St. Paul’s Longfellow neighborhood and is currently being restored to its former glory, under the new name Hi-Lo Diner.

The men behind the operation are James Brown and Mike Smith of Forage Modern Workshop and Brownsmith Restoration, and Jeremy Woerner and Pat McDonough of the revered Blue Door Pub. Brown and Smith scouted the location, which was formerly an abandoned Taco Bell across the street from Forage Modern Workshop. The other two co-owners, Woerner and McDonough, will help craft the restaurant’s menu, which will consist of American diner fare made from high quality local ingredients.

In regards to the restaurant’s impact on the Longfellow area, Smith has a positive outlook: “We really feel like (this restaurant) will enhance the Minneapolis food scene and bring continued and deserved attention to the Longfellow neighborhood in which all four of us are very invested in.”

Hi-Lo’s mobile endeavor, in combination with its star-studded team of founders, ensures that the restaurant’s opening in late 2015 will generate a lot of buzz by Minneapolis foodies. For a taste of Woerner and McDonough’s current signature creations, head to the Blue Door Pub, and take a big juicy bite into one of the best burgers in St. Paul. 


Side 1 has arrived.

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