Kickstarter Restaurants and Food Businesses

Moveable Feast: MnMo editor Rachel Hutton and MPR Classical’s John Birge discuss member supported food enterprises

Photo by fotolia – staras

Kickstarter-style campaigns have crept into the kitchen as many Twin Cities food companies bet on the lure of their products to incentivize donors. This tactic has seen mixed results. On one hand, Groundswell coffee shop increased sales tenfold, and Travail raised $250,000 in four days. On the other hand, 10,000 Licks popsicles raised 10K on Kickstarter but fizzled out in the next few years, and Donut Cooperative received $12,000 and still shut down months later. The system begs economics questions on how much incentive to offer for maximum yield and if a certain perk system can be supported long-term. But one thing is clear: eat or be eaten.

Listen to the full segment at Classical MPR.

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