The Best (and Worst) Food Delivery Services

Twin Cities restaurant-to-your-door services, ranked

Listen, it is really hot out there and I do not blame you if you’d rather skip cooking dinner. I do it all the time. Ordering delivery is one of the great joys of urban living.

After a highly unscientific test of trying out all the major services that offer delivery in both Minneapolis and St. Paul, I’m happy to share my experiences and opinions.

Full disclosure: This is just me, a busy mom who is sometimes too exhausted to cook and her cheat guide to ordering in.


They’re the guys in the green uniforms and were a leader in the market when it came to delivering restaurant food to folks at home. The company also works with restaurants to lessen the chance of miscommunication.

Restaurants: 99 restaurants available for delivery to my area, which means a pretty good selection, including critical favorites like Blue Door Pub, Revival, Brasa, and Pajarito.

Speed: A little on the slow side. It’s best to pick a restaurant closer to home. It’s not much, but BiteSquad usually delivers about 10 minutes slower than DoorDash from the same restaurant.

Fees: On the high end, but someone has to pay for all that branding and staffing.

Customer Service: Some of the best customer service I’ve received. If there was a question on an order or a problem, it was resolved promptly and always with courteous communication.


When Postmates first started, a few restaurants complained to me that they were publishing their menus without permission and in general ruffling feathers. That said, the app is slick, and out of the half dozen times I’ve used it, there has yet to be any kind of a problem.

Restaurants: 120, including a lot of fast-food options, and they also deliver booze! Bonus.

Speed: Consistent to the timing estimated when placing an order. Pretty speedy.

Fees: Postmates lets you wait until after the food arrives to tip, which gives you that feeling of generosity to reward great service. It also gives the illusion of prices being lower than the end result, because the tip amount isn’t included in the initial total.

Customer Service: Haven’t had to use it yet.


I only used this company once, but I hate it with a passion usually reserved for pantyhose.

Restaurants: 38

Speed: At two-and-a-half hours and waiting for delivery, these guys earned the dubious ranking of being the worst ever.

Fees: It doesn’t even matter.

Customer Service: This entire experience was one long Miss Piggy Head Desk GIF. After talking to three different people, no one could give me a reason as to why I would use this service again. They don’t employ the delivery driver, but the restaurant instead pays a listed fee for one. GrubHub acted as a middle man, but not a very good one. If something goes wrong, they do nothing.

I also found out that the service would not be able to refund my money. I had to work with the restaurant. Seriously. The worst. I finally got my money back, from the restaurant people—who were very nice.

On another occasion, I ordered from that same restaurant through a different service and food was delivered as promised. A better person would give GrubHub another chance, but I’m not up for it.


It’s a car service! It’s a food and booze delivery service! What? Restaurant selection is pretty slim.

Restaurants: 16

Speed: Very accurate delivery times.

Fees: Often running promotions. Click the tab and check for a few bucks off.

Customer Service: Same as using the Uber car service. Sometimes good, sometimes a little room for improvement. Food has arrived a few times spilled or cold.


These guys might be my favorite. Delivery people have always been incredibly quick, friendly, and food arrives all safely tucked into containers with no spillage, and the ability to waive the fee feels like gaming the system.

Restaurants: 82, lots of casual dining options like Los Ocampo, Key’s Cafe, Yarusso Brother’s, and Black Sheep Pizza (bonus, as I live one measly block away from the restaurant’s delivery zone).

Speed: ASAP

Fees: Adds a service fee that you have to waive. I usually request it be waived and add the amount to the tip for the driver.

Customer Service: Also great. If there is a problem, response is speedy to get an issue resolved.