Three Foods for Freezing Temps

Don’t miss these dishes from Revival, Heartland, and Brasserie Zentral
Photo by edisainer – fotolia

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It was inevitable. Winter finally found us. However, we made it through, right? There’s no way those sub zero temperatures will return … right? On the off chance that the cold comes back, we’d better fortify ourselves. These are the three things to eat right now.

Pimento Cheese Lucy at Revival
Because stoking a bona fide fried chicken obsession wasn’t enough, the evil geniuses at Revival have instituted a couple of weekly specials. This one is available only on Tuesdays. The kitchen takes their legendary burger and crams the belly of the beast full of creamy pimento cheese. This might be the best of both the North and the South in one perfect bite. Revival, 4257 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-345-4516,

Revival, burger, twin cities

Cassoulet at Heartland
We are in the midst of a national cassoulet week and Heartland is celebrating in a big way. Chef Lenny Russo describes their version as featuring “a ragoût of heirloom beans with beef, lamb, and pork along with Heartland charcutier Dan Stepaniak’s hand crafted garlic sausage and house cured duck leg confit.” I’ll take two, please. Heartland, 289 E. Fifth St., St. Paul, 651-699-3536,

Speck and Spaghetti at Brasserie Zentral
I was sad to hear that Russell and Desta Klein have made the decision to close down Brasserie Zentral. I’ve made some great memories inside that room. Perhaps the thing I will miss having in my food rotation is the super simple, exquisite speck and spaghetti. Long, thing strands of pasta are embraced by a lightly luscious sauce and threaded with salty, cured pork. The final dinner service is Saturday. Brasserie Zentral, 505 S. Marquette Ave., Minneapolis, 612-333-0505,

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