Top Twin Cities Takeout Restaurants: Southwest Minneapolis

Five amazing pizza spots, plus five more great options spanning the region
Margherita and funghi wood-fired pizzas
Margherita and funghi wood-fired pizzas at Rosalia

Photo by Kevin Kramer

The numbers don’t lie. Minnesota Monthly readers love finding great takeout options around the Twin Cities. To gather even more suggestions, our staff decided to round up some of the best from our own neighborhoods. Here are 10 from southwest Minneapolis.

The Pizza Circuit (All in a loop west and south of Lake Harriet)

Pizzeria Lola
Takeout pick: Korean BBQ pizza and roasted cauliflower
5557 Xerxes Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612-424-8338

Hello Pizza
Takeout pick: New Yorker pizza with Smoky Greens salad
3904 Sunnyside Rd., Edina; 952-303-4514

Takeout pick: Bianca pizza with Caesar salad (one of the best caesars out there: sturdier greens, huge white anchovies, two sauces, bread crumbs, so good).
2811 W 43rd St., Minneapolis; 612-345-5494

Red Wagon Pizza Co.
Takeout pick: the Red Wagon pizza (sopressata and banana peppers)
5416 Penn Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612-259-7147

Broder’s Cucina Italiana
Takeout pick: Prosciutto & Arugula pizza (I think they stopped doing a lot of my fave deli sides since the pandemic).

2308 W 50th St., Minneapolis; 612-925-3113

Best of the Rest

France 44 Cheese Shop
Takeout pick: They sell these little $4 slices of homemade focaccia with a spread of ricotta, I think, piled with roasted veggies. It’s an amazing under-the-radar almost-pizza option. I eat it all the time for a quick lunch. Their sandwiches are all great, too, and I love their dips for quick party prep. Plus, prepared entrees, gourmet pantry, breads, and cheese.
4351 France Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612-278-4422

Naviya’s Thai Brasserie
Takeout pick: All the curries are great, but the Massaman is really special.
2812 W 43rd St., Minneapolis; 612-276-5061

Scott Ja-Mama’s BBQ
3 W Diamond Lake Rd., Minneapolis; 612-823-4450

Old Southern BBQ
4501 France Ave S, Minneapolis; 612-236-4827

Kwan’s Chinese Cuisine
5412 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis; 612-922-3432

Did we miss your neighborhood fave? Let us know in the comments.