5 Stocking Stuffers That Will Stock the Bar

Know a home mixologist? These could make the perfect gift—from Tattersall, Bittercube, and more.

Courtesy of Tattersall


Tattersall’s Old Fashioned is portable since the Minneapolis distillery has released its first cocktail-in-a-bottle. All-Minnesotan rye whiskey blends with sour cherry liqueur, bitters, orange, and sugar. Just pour over ice.

$34.99, find locations at tattersalldistilling.com

Courtesy of the Spirit Shield

The Spirit Shield

Preserve your spirits without pumps or sprays. Insert, and it goes to work removing the oxygen from opened bottles, good for whiskey, bourbon, tequila, rum, and any other aged spirit.

$29.95, available online at thespiritshield.com

Courtesy of Lucid Wood

Lucid Wood

Hone your mixology skills and protect your table in style with these wooden coasters, complete with artful, wood-transferred cocktail recipes.

$7.50, available at local retailers and online at lucidwood.com

Courtesy of Crooked Water Spirits

Crooked Water Spirits

MinneApple Brandy uses barrel-aged Honeycrisp apples to make this seasonal staple that goes down smooth, straight or mixed.

$54.99, available at local retailers and online at acespirits.com

Courtesy of Bittercube


Bittercube has infused its signature bitters with baking spices—redolent of ginger, cocoa, and almonds, with smacks of vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, and star anise. Aside from cocktails, try it in seltzers or in lieu of vanilla extract.Know a home mixologist? The local products could make the perfect gift.

$22, available at local retailers and online at bittercube.com

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