Tim Mahoney, Musician/Songwriter

Photo by Justin Grierson

I was born and raised in:

I was born in Shakopee, Minn., and grew up in Minnetonka, Minn.

I currently live in: I live right in downtown
Minneapolis in a condo overlooking the city.

Age: 33

Five things I love about the Twin Cities:
1. For sure the music scene–any night you can see all kinds of different stuff.
2. I love the skyline–small but elegant.
3. The Walker Art Center–always cool stuff there.
4. St. Anthony Main–very old and great in the summer.
5. All the cool restaurants–from dive to divine.

What’s your perfect day in the Twin Cities? Well I’d get up, probably later than most–I am a musician–and go to the computer to check e-mails and such. Then I’d look out my window at the city. It’s cool in winter because of the steam from the buildings. Then I would go workout in a health club I have in my building. In summer I’d go down to Lake Calhoun and hang at the lakes. I would definitely like to go to dinner somewhere outside–lots of cool places. One of my favorites is Figlio in Uptown. Then I would go see music if I am not playing myself. I’d probably start at Glueks in Minneapolis–they have great weekly bands. Then maybe I’d go to Bunkers, a mainstay in town, especially on Sunday and Monday for The Combo. Last night I heard John Mayer stopped in with Jessica Simpson and he played a song. The musicians in the band are always the best around–most of them played with Prince. Then for late night, you have to order Dulono’s Pizza. It has been around for years and it is no question the best. And they deliver ‘til 3 a.m.–great for musicians. I think that would do it.

What makes the Minnesota music scene special? There is always someone playing somewhere and the talent level in this town is very high. On any given night you could walk in somewhere and be like, “Wow, that person should be huge!â€

What sets our nightlife apart from other cities? The fact that there is just more music. Most people on a night out at some point will go to a show or a concert or stop by to see someone they know who is playing somewhere.