Minnesota is Fourth Best State to Live In, U.S. News Says

We’re compiling a list of surveys, studies, and rankings that include Minnesota data

Minnesota is the fourth best state to live in, up from fifth best in last year’s survey, says the prestigious U.S. News & World Report in a story posted on May 8. The ranking is just one of the many surveys and rankings we are compiling in this file that is updated frequently with the latest news. Check out the story below.

Also out today is a ranking of best cities for basketball fans. Minneapolis ranks 25th, which we, ahem, totally disagree with as the Timberwolves continue to dominate in the playoffs. Find out more at the link to the survey.


We all like to know how we rank in comparison with our neighbors. We’re proud to be No. 1 in some areas like job growth or good drivers, but not so much in other areas. Listed below are news releases we receive that focus on different factors. Consider the source while evaluating the value of the rankings, but have some fun digging in. We’ll continue to update this as we receive the information.

May 28: Minneapolis ranks 42nd and St. Paul is 46th Best Places to Raise a Family (WalletHub)

May 23: Seattle, London Are Top Flights From MSP Airport (Kayak)

May 23: Minnesota Is Tied for 10th Healthiest State in the U.S. (Bet Massachusetts)

May 20: Minnesota Is 2024’s 6th Best State for Military Retirees (WalletHub)

May 15: Minnesota 35th Best State for Animals (SmileHub)

May 14: Minnesota Ties for 10th in Ranking of Healthiest States (Bet Massachusetts)

May 13: Minnesota Has 3 of the Top Spots For Outdoor Workouts in the U.S., According to Poll of Fitness Enthusiasts (Lift Vault)

May 13: 2023 Top 10 Baby Names — Olivia and Liam Reign Supreme (United States Social Security)

May 8: Minnesota is Fourth Best State to Live In (U.S. News & World Report) 

May 8: Minnesota is 25th Best State for Basketball Fans (WalletHub)

May 7: 417,000 Minnesotans Struggle with Credit Invisibility, Research Reveals (BadCredit.Org)

May 6: Minnesota Is 2024’s 8th Best State for Police Officers (WalletHub)

May 2: New Moms Across Minnesota Would Pay $1,008 to Guarantee a Good Night’s Sleep (Mixbook)

May 2: Minnesota Ranks 32nd State Where Unemployment Claims are Decreasing the Most (WalletHub)

May 2: Study: 40.7% of Millionaire Homeowners in the Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington Metro Are Gen Xers (Point2 Homes)

May 1: Minnesota Has 2024’s Seventh Smallest Drug Problem (WalletHub)

April 30: Minnesota Is 2024’s Seventh Best State for Nurses (WalletHub)

April 29: Minnesota Is 2024’s Fifth Best State for Working Moms (WalletHub)