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Documentary and Social Action Night: The Smell of Money

“The smell of money” — that’s what Big Pork calls the stench of pig waste in the air in eastern North Carolina, where much of the world’s bacon and barbecue is made. But to...


THEATREX presents this dynamic, intimate production of FROST/NIXON by Peter Morgan, produced in partnership with Landmark Center and performed in a historic courtroom at Landmark Center in Downtown Saint Paul.​THE STORY Following Richard Nixon's fall...

SDG Roundtable: Resilience in a Water-Challenged World

The world’s water challenges seem to be getting worse. Water scarcity has become acute in some parts of the world, while floods and storm surges occur with greater frequency in others. Businesses are watching...

Insights on Kosovo with Ambassador Dugolli

The southeast European nation of Kosovo has maintained a close relationship with the United States since its independence in 2008. With rising GDP and tensions in the region, what are the obstacles and opportunities...

“Philately Meets Portraiture” by John Kaul

Groveland Gallery is pleased to announce a special exhibition of portrait paintings by Minnesota artist John Kaul. The exhibition will feature twenty finely rendered likenesses of individuals known for their influence on art, music,...
Vice President, Minneapolis City Council

Champions of Change in Minnesota: Andrea Jenkins

The Vice President of the Minneapolis City Council can feel the world’s weight on her shoulders

What’s Going On With the Postal Service?

An already struggling institution battles the pandemic and partisan politics

Minnesota Primary Elections 2020: What You Need to Know

We vote in the primaries on August 11, so here are updates on registration, polls amid the pandemic, and races to watch
Co-hosts of the new podcast "What's Good, Man?" (from left): Tony "the Scribe" Williams and Kyle "Guante" Tran Myhre

“What’s Good, Man?”: New Podcast Explores Toxic Masculinity

Two Minneapolis hip-hop and spoken-word artists are going where feminist women have long asked men to go: the root of what it means to be a man
From left: Two identical bottles of insulin (U.S. on the left, Canadian on the right); Nicole Smith-Holt (blue shirt) and Quinn Nystrom (black shirt) speak to the media before leaving Minnesota

These Minnesotans Are Going to Canada for Insulin

The Caravan to Canada raises awareness of life-saving insulin's prohibitive pricing in the U.S.