5 Local Landscape/Wildlife Accounts to Follow on Instagram

If you’ve been too busy to get outside, or simply need to look at something beautiful, these Instagram accounts will bring refreshing content to your feed
Sunrise at Cascade River

Bryan Hansel

Find your zen anytime of the week with Minnesota’s picturesque scenery and wildlife filling your Instagram feed thanks to these local photographers.

Bryan Hansel



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Everything you could want from a landscape photographer can be found on Hansel’s Instagram account: idyllic summer nights on Minnesota’s North Shore; shards of ice and hoarfrost glistening in the sunlight; and babbling brooks complemented by crisp fall colors. These and more appear in Hansel’s photographs, which bring a soothing calm to your day. Perhaps his landscapes will even inspire you to start planning your next trip.

Roslynn Long



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It takes a light foot and perseverance to capture stunning wildlife photos as skillfully as Long does. Hummingbirds, eagles, great horned owls, deer, loons, woodpeckers, and butterflies are only the start when it comes to the creatures she has photographed. Long, from Burnsville, especially likes photographing birds, according to her profile on Fine Art America. It is easy to miss the skittish birds and shy deer when out for a walk in the woods, but Long gifts us with the ability to take them in.

George Ilstrup



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Capturing the various temperaments of Lake Superior, Ilstrup shows the famous lake as both peaceful and angsty. In his photos, Duluth’s beloved sunsets and starry skies reflect off glassy water, showing Superior at its calmest. But his snapshots of mammoth rolling waves crashing into jagged cliffs and intense lightning storms remind the adventure-bound that there is both beauty and power in nature. If you don’t have time to travel up north right now, having Ilstrup in your feed will tide you over in the meantime.

Kevin Thurk



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From Red Wing, Thurk embraces the beauty that surrounds him in Minnesota. He has the patience and bravery to photograph wolves, foxes, lynx, and even bears. It is especially fascinating the way he captures the playful curiosity of the wildlife while still respecting nature. For a regular dosage of furry creatures you should never pet, give Thurk a follow.

Captivate Minnesota



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This composite account posts stunning photographs of Minnesota, sharing the top-notch work of photographers on Instagram. You’ll be blown away by the gorgeous variety of images, and before you know it, you’ll have a couple more accounts to add to your follows. There are a few cityscapes, but the splendor of natural landscapes holds sway.