Happy Holidays; Safe Travels

This year, more than 44 million travelers are expected to board airplanes during the 21-day holiday travel season that ends Jan. 5, according to the industry trade group, Airlines for America. Crowded airports make for a frenzied holiday, even for the savviest traveler. Perhaps a couple of these items might help you be more prepared for security lines and make life in the airport a bit easier.

Even though the FCC has said that cell phones might be OK to use during future flights, Delta announced this week that flyers will not be making calls from the friendly skies anytime soon. I think I would have to applaud that decision. I can’t imagine being forced to endure the noise from a hundred overheard conversations while stuck on a long cross-country flight—at least not without my favorite noise-canceling headphones. Nevertheless, we all want to touch base with family and friends before boarding. And if your favorite earphones don’t have a microphone to use with your cellphone, you may want to try a device like the recently released Moov Mic detachable microphone. Convert your favorite headphones to a fully functioning headset by simply plugging them into Moov. While some reviews have said that the mic isn’t very sensitive, and the magnet used to connect the boom mic to the headphone isn’t as strong as it should be, the concept sounds right. Perhaps you have a similar device that you would like to recommend? I’d love to hear about it.

With so many people in line at security, that’s also a lot of shoes being removed and placed into the plastic bin for screening. Don’t you ever wish you could just show up in bare feet or stockings? Well, a new travel product just may give you the change to do just that. They are called Nufoot. Made from snug-fitting, sturdy, stretchy neoprene, this new type of footwear promises the “stability of walking barefoot, the comfort of walking in socks and the protection of walking in shoes.” Sounds good to me. I don’t know if security would make you remove them to walk through the metal detectors or not, but nevertheless, they sound like a great footwear alternative on the long holiday flight.

In keeping with the convenience-at-the-airport theme, look for a new way to find your favorite beauty and grooming brands in sizes made specifically for the savvy business and leisure traveler. It’s called, appropriately enough, 3FLOZ. The company was first started when frequent travelers Alexi Mintz and Kate Duff tired of arriving two hours early to check luggage or run around town trying to find their favorite products in just the right TSA-friendly sizes. In 2009, they started offering products on their website, and now they have expanded to bring the products right to the traveler in need. In August, the company opened a fully automated retail store at MSP International Airport, located in the Terminal 1 mall corridor, one of eight airport locations across the country, including Houston, Dallas and New York’s JFK. Forgot your toothpaste? Looking for sunscreen, or hairspray? No worries. The products provided in the store all meet the travel carry-on guidelines. Find more than 50 high-end products, for both men and women, to complete your travel kit.

Safe Travels!

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