70+ Outdoor Ice Skating Spots in Minnesota

Lace up your skates and tear up some ice this winter
Ice skating in Winona, Minn.

Once a lake is fully frozen, you’d be hard pressed to find a Minnesotan who didn’t want to hop on it and skate. A recent weekend, I passed by a snow-cleared section of Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis, where residents had crafted an informal outdoor ice rink. People of all ages—most clad in masks—looped around the rink. Almost everyone was rosy-cheeked and smiling (or their eyes were happily crinkled above their masks). In a time when moments of joy can feel few and far between, the scene at Lake of the Isles made clear that ice skating on a sunny winter day is one way to inspire the feeling. Most importantly, ice skating is a low-risk way to enjoy time outside with your community this winter. Below you’ll find a list of outdoor ice skating spots in your region. Keep in mind that hours and conditions may change without notice, so it’s always a good idea to call ahead.

Twin Cities Metro

Bohanon Skating and Hockey Rinks, 4927 Bryant Ave. N., Minneapolis; (612)-499-9461

Hiawatha School Skating Rink, 4305 E. 42nd St., Minneapolis; (612)-370-4952

Lake Hiawatha Skating Rink, 2701 E. 44th St., Minneapolis; (612)-394-8480

Lake of the Isles Hockey & Skating Rink, 2500 Lake Isles Pkwy. E., Minneapolis; (612) 499-9463 

Logan Skating/Hockey/Broomball Rink, 690 13th Ave. NE, Minneapolis; (612)-370-4927

Longfellow Skating Rink, 3435 36th Ave. S., Minneapolis; (612)-370-4957

Lyndale Farmstead Skating Rink, 3900 Bryant Ave. S., Minneapolis; (612)-499-9390

McRae Hockey Rink, 906 E. 47th St., Minneapolis; (612)-370-4909

North Commons Skating and Hockey Rinks, 1801 James Ave. N., Minneapolis; (612)-370-4921

Pearl Skating Rink, 414 E. Diamond Lake Rd., Minneapolis; (612)-370-4906

Sibley Skating Rink, 1900 E. 40th St., Minneapolis; (612)-370-4954

Van Cleve Skating and Hockey Rinks, 901 15th Ave. SE, Minneapolis; (612)-370-4926

Windom NE Skating/Hockey/Broomball Rink, 2251 Hayes St. NE, Minneapolis; (612)-499-9462

Desnoyer, 525 Pelham Blvd., St. Paul; (651)-266-6400

Edgcumbe, 320 Griggs St. S., St. Paul; (651)-695-3711

Groveland, 2021 St. Clair Ave., St. Paul; (651)-695-3714

Langford Park, 30 Langford Park, St. Paul; (651)-298-5765

Guidant John Rose Oval, 2661 Civic Center Dr., Roseville; (651)-792-7191. Pre-purchase tickets here. Masks required.

Centennial Lakes Park, 7499 France Ave. S., Edina; (952)-833-9586

Central Park Ice Skating Loop, 12000 Central Pkwy., Maple Grove; (763)-494-6500. Make reservations here.

ROC (Recreation Outdoor Center), 3700 Monterey Dr., St. Louis Park; 952.924.2500. Currently closed due to statewide COVID restrictions, but check the website during the season to see if it reopens.

Freeway Park, 1370 W County Rd. E., Arden Hills; 651-792-7848

Southern Minnesota

Soldiers Field Park, 244 E. Soldiers Field Dr. SW, Rochester; (507)-328-2525

Southern Woods Park, 4982 11th Ave. SW, Rochester; (507)-328-2525

Allendale Park, 3000 18th Ave. NW, Rochester; (507)-328-2525

Manor Park, 4238 Manor Park Dr. NW, Rochester; (507)-328-2525

Lincolnshire Park, 5276 Members Pkwy. NW, Rochester; (507)-328-2525

Viking Park, 2nd Ave. & 26 St. NW, Rochester; (507)-328-2525

Northern Heights Park, 900 22 St. NE, Rochester; (507)-328-2525

Withers Sports Complex, 2021 Mayowood Rd. SW, Rochester; (507)-328-2525

Bear Creek Park, 1237 Marion Rd. SE, Rochester; (507)-328-2525

Tillman Lodge Rink, 549 Kerry Dr., Winona; (507)-453-1640

Valley Oaks Rink, 260 Valley Oaks Dr., Winona; (507)-453-1640

Gilmore Valley Ice Rink, 157 Jay Bee Dr., Winona; (507)-453-1640

Knopp Valley Park, 200 Knopp Valley Dr., Winona; (507)-453-1640

Lake Lodge Recreation Center, 113 Lake Park Dr. W., Winona; (507)-453-1640

Moorhouse Park, 350 School St., Owatonna; (507)-444-4321

Alexander Park, 900 E. Main St., Mankato; (507)-387-8600

Dotson Park, 101 Oak Knoll Blvd., Mankato; (507)-387-8600

Thomas Park, 100 Thomas Park Ct., Mankato; (507)-387-8600

Stoltzman Park, 521 W Pleasant St., Mankato; (507)-387-8600

Winter-friendly fun in Winona, Minn.

Northeast Minnesota

Woodland Park, 3211 Allendale Ave., Duluth; (218)-723-3616

Glen Avon Park, 2403 Woodland Ave., Duluth; (218)-730-4300

Portman Park, 4601 McCulloch St., Duluth; (218)-730-4300

Duluth Heights Park, 33 W. Mullberry St., Duluth; (218)-730-4300

Piedmont Skating Rink, 2302 W. 23rd St., Duluth; (218)-730-4300

Gary Morgan Park, 1242 88th Ave. W., Duluth; (218)-626-4521

Ranier City Park, 3477 River St., International Falls; (218)-286-3311

Odegard Park, 13th Ave. & 8th St., Two Harbors; (218) 834-5631

Birch Grove Community Center, 7 Davis Dr., Tofte; (218-663-7977)

Northwest Minnesota

Ross Community Rink, 350th St., Ross; facebook.com/rossrangersmn

Peoples Park, 1324 Peoples St., Detroit Lakes; (218)-847-5658

Nymore Park, 423 Wilson Ave. SE., Bemidji; (218)-759-3560

City Park, 1224 23rd St. NW, Bemidji; (218)-759-3560

Alexander Park, Alexander St. & 4th Ave. NE, Crookston; (218) 281-1232

Wildwood Park, Myrtle St., Crookston; (218) 281-1232. (This rink is nearly finished.)

Skating Tracks at Castle Park, Castle St. & Carroll St., Crookston; (218) 281-1232

Central Minnesota

Lake Alice, S. Lakeside Dr., Fergus Falls; (218)-332-5400

Centennial Park, 1725 Centennial Dr., St. Cloud; (320)-257-5959. Hockey and skating.

Lake George, 425 East Lake Blvd., St. Cloud; (320)-257-5959. Skating only.

Northway Park, 2450 15th St. N., St. Cloud; (320)-257-5959. Hockey only.

Raymond Park, 324 Raymond Ave. NE, St. Cloud; (320)-257-5959. Hockey and skating.

Rolling Ridge Park, 6630 Kenwood Rd., St. Cloud; (320)-257-5959. Hockey and skating.

Rotary West Park, 1507 Goettens Way, St. Cloud; (320)-257-5959. Hockey and skating.

Southwood Heights, 3500 17th Ave. S., St. Cloud; (320)-257-5959. Skating only.

Seberger Park, 2001 2nd St. N., St. Cloud; (320)-257-5959. Skating only.

Schmidt Park, 751 18th St S., St. Cloud; (320)-257-5959. Hockey only. 

Southside/Haws Park, 805 13th St S., St. Cloud; (320)-257-5959. Hockey only.

Talahi, 1321 University Dr. SE, St. Cloud; (320)-257-5959. Hockey only.

Blackberry Ridge Golf Club, 3125 Clubhouse Rd., Sartell; (320)-257-4653

Noonan Park, Nokomis St. & 10th Ave. E., Alexandria; (320)-763-6678

Pine River Ice Rink; 2471 Leatherwood Ln. SW, Pine River; 218-587-2338 or 218-587-2440

Nisswa Park, 25415 Nisswa Lake Ln., Nisswa; (218)-963-4444

Oscar Kristofferson Park, 5672 Baxter Lions Rd., Baxter; (218)-454-5100

Loren Thompson Park, 13015 Kingwood Dr. S., Baxter; (218)-454-5100

Bane Park, 1701 S. 7th St., Brainerd; (218)-828-2320

Mill Park, 1401 Mill Ave., Brainerd; (218)-828-2320

Gregory Park, 424 N. 5th St., Brainerd; (218)-828-2320