2014 Glamorama Fashion Show

Anticipating the fashion to-do of the year


New York style is known to be strong-shouldered, sleek, and black. West Coast style is easy, breezy, and laid-back. But Minnesota style? It’s about as easy to pin down as our manic weather patterns.

One thing that unites us is our practical sensibility, thanks in part to the aforementioned weather, as well as the stoic roots of the state’s original settlers. Our practical nature also developed, in part, from our love of heritage (and vice versa). We appreciate things that come with a history, and things that last—a tendency that makes us a little less likely to experiment with our look.

I’ve also found that Minnesota modesty keeps us from showing a little style. Sometimes we’re too afraid of looking pretentious, or perhaps worse, different: Sometimes it just seems easier to blend in. But I still believe that whether you’re dressing for a meeting with your conservative bosses, a garden party, or a glammed-out fashion show, you might as well inject a little personality into your look, even if it’s by incorporating something as small (but unique and eye-catching) as a statement ring or a vintage tie clip.

And what better time to do so than at Glamorama, on August 1? Since it was known as a Cause for Applause in 1992 (and later Fash Bash in 1995 until it took on its current moniker in 2003) and traded hands a few times (Dayton’s to Marshall Field’s to Macy’s), the annual event has showcased the latest fall fashions straight from the runways of New York and Paris with live entertainment, high production values, and a good cause (proceeds benefit Children’s Cancer Research Fund). Now in its 23rd year, the fashion show is arguably the Twin Cities’ biggest style to-do of the year.

Dayton’s first debuted the concept as a benefit showcasing its Oval Room designer collections. Despite changes in ownership, the Oval Room has remained a beacon of high-end designer fashion in downtown Minneapolis, even in the wake of Neiman Marcus’ closure and the recently announced departure of Saks Off 5th. Glamorama continues the high-fashion tradition, presenting a selection of celebrated designer’s fall collections (Calvin Klein, Weekend Max Mara, and Diesel among them this year) along with Macy’s-exclusive lines, such as INC.

So the big question is, of course: What to wear? Anything but your LBD—Glamorama isn’t the time to play it safe (in my seven years of attending, I’ve found it takes a lot to stand out in the crowd). Go eclectic by mixing vintage with modern, or take a cue from this year’s “Fashion Rocks” theme and add a little rock ‘n’ roll edge to your look. If you want to all-out glam it up in a sequined frock, you won’t be overdressed. Whatever you do, don’t worry about fitting in—in fact, do anything but.

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