Domino Archives Back Online

Exciting news, whether you’ve ever read Domino magazine or not., another Condé Nast publication, is slowly adding Domino archives to its website.

Domino magazine was taken before its time. When you meet a fellow Domino fan, you are guaranteed a sincere bond and a long conversation. You might detect a vague, puppy-dog sadness in their eyes, and they may have to stifle a sob or two. I’m only sort of kidding. I mean, look at this cover, for example:

Domino was the first décor magazine to truly speak to me. It inspired me through its mix of styles, fearless use of color, and utter lack of snobbery. It made me feel like I could have great home décor without declaring bankruptcy (but it certainly didn’t discourage investing in awesome pieces). For me, it paved the way to understanding design.

We Domino lovers hoard our back issues (along with the now-defunct, criminally awesome Blueprint, a Martha Stewart pub. Incidentally, their archives stayed online for quite a while, but appear to be gone forever now) and congregate on Flickr and share scanned-in copies. They read the online-only Lonny, which was launched by Domino staffers. I wouldn’t recommend dumping these resources, but Domino’s online revival, by its own company, gives me faint hope that it might return someday as a print publication. 

Are there other books, designers, or magazines that really inspire you? Do share.