Festival Style: Eaux Claires 2016

The Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival returned this past weekend for its second year in the luscious Chippewa River Valley of Eau Claire, Wisconsin—the hometown of its creator, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. A festival unlike any other, it brought experimental togetherness to a uniquely individualistic crowd. From local families to elderly couples, European adventurers, artists and youth cultures in between; Eaux Claires fell far from the typical festival coterie. This anthropological observation felt very in line with fashions return to individualism this season. Instead of shopping the “festival” sections that many fast fashion stores now merchandise, attendees seemed more in tune with their own aesthetic nature, dressing to please themselves, experimenting and keeping practicality in mind.  In the age of fast fashion, we were pleasantly surprised to hear how many of the styles we stalked were someone else’s cast offs. The ’90s are definitely still in fashion, we also saw a rise in worldly prints, paisley, camouflage and gauzy materials. Overall, Eaux Claires’ festival style was a melting pot of sorts, an encouraging reminder to be mindful, present and in harmony with todays multicultural world and “reduce, reuse, recycle, renew” society.

Prinze George, Eaux Claires artist (check out their music at prinzegeorge.com)

all photos by Sarah White

“We are Prinze George.”

John Mark, 27, choreographer at Eaux Claires festival

“I feel the most comfortable in long shirts. Black is easy.”

John Mark, look #2:

“My mom tells me I look good in pastels.”

Berit Johnson, 26, Barista

“Easy, classic, and unshowered.”

Lady Midnight, 32, Artist

“Rain or shine.”

Micamaryjane, 26, “Creator/Revolutionary”

“Lost solider of love.”

Sarah White, “thirtysomething,” Singer, Photographer, and “Queen Gyspy Fairy Gangsta Lean”

Laura, 26, Jewelry Dessigner/Model

“Goth disco queen.”

Katy Morley, 26, Musician, and Mark McGee, 35, Artist, “Asian dad”

“Respect for Maurice Sendak.”

Valerie June, age not given, Eaux Claires Singer/Musician

“This is my uniform in the summer for the last seven years.”

Mia Miller, 20, Artist, and Meg Miller, 21 Ceramicist

Mia: “Colorful, wild, and spontaneous.” Meg: “Comfortable, monochromatic, sisters.”

Franz Diego, “thirtysomething,” “Wizard”

“I got it in the maternity section.”

Jonathan Torres, 18, Customer Service Rep

“Choosing what helps me feel free.”

Crystal, 33, Artist, and Maggie, 33, Artist

Simone, 29, Student

“Spontaneous vintage find this morning at Goodwill. I love to feel silly and free.”

Mohamed Samatar, 24, Performance Artist

“Inspired by my love.”

Grace Carter, 20, Artist

“Raunchy jammiez.”

ADDAM, “timeless”

“Backwoods Midwest chic.”

Jeremy Nutzman, 31, “Creater”

“Tierney made my jacket.”

Nkechi Njaka, 33, Multi-disciplinary Artist + Content Curator, ndnlifestylestudio.com

“Zara dress, Air Force Nikes, necklace is gifted from Channy, lead singer of Poliça, and the bag is One With.”

Lorielle Broussard, 35, “a southern girl with a love for Prince”

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