Minnesota-Made Hollywood Fashion Tape: the Answer to Every Woman’s Needs for Wardrobe Perfection

New York Fashion Week kicks off today, and I’m giving you the inside secret that top stylists, designers, and models will be using all week long to make their shows and clothing perfectly styled. Let me introduce you to the Stylette—a smart, convenient answer to every woman’s daily wardrobe and style issues.

The Stylette was launched by Minnesota company Hollywood Fashion Secrets, known best for their cult-favorite Hollywood Fashion Tape (winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty award) and their Brand Ambassadress, Stacy London.

The new Stylette pouch launched just before the holidays and is adorable and handbag ready, holding everything you need to make wardrobe magic. It includes six strips of fashion tape, a bra-converting clip to easily switch straps to go with different dress styles, a special sponge for removing deodorant marks, no-show nipple concealers for dresses and tops that must be worn braless, garment shields to protect clothing from sweat stains, swabs soaked in eye makeup–remover, lint-removing sheets, a leather wipe, a stain wipe, and a nail file (also all available individually from Hollywood Fashion Secrets, as well as major retailers including Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, JoAnn Fabrics, Amazon, and others).

Get ready to see these products featured in your favorite magazines and blogs—and take pride because this fabulous ingenuity comes from right here in Minnesota. What’s great about the Stylette is that you no longer have to make due with safety pins, Band-Aids, or bulky lint rollers—these products are designed specifically to be compact but to get the job done, whatever the wardrobe malfunction may be.

dailey and london at the nrf gala, courtesy hollywood fashion secrets

There are other exciting things happening for the company, too. Since hitting the market in 2001 with Hollywood Fashion Tape, Hollywood Fashion Secrets has invented a brand-new retail category called Style Essentials. Along with that, president and co-founder, and “fashion fairy godmother” Jane Dailey has received an award for creating this category and been named one of the National Retail Federation’s Top 25 People Shaping Retail’s Future in the Dreamer category.