Product Profile: StormSisters Lipstick

The local beauty brand launches its first line of lipwear.

Years ago, women were told by the Avon lady that they were either a “cool” or a “warm,” thus relegated to wearing prescribed makeup colors. But Becky Sturm, founder of the beauty e-store StormSister Spatique and brand 3waybeauty, is encouraging these ladies to wear any shade they desire.

“I think of lipstick as an accessory–you should wear it because it makes you feel happy and pretty, and puts a spring in your step,” she says, “not because someone says you should.” 

Inspired by women Sturm says have been hugely influential to her businesses, her new 14-shade StormSisters lipstick line was created in collaboration with local beauty brand the Elixery, known for its hand-poured, chemist-created, vegan lipsticks. 

The resulting colors, such as “Becky,” a dusty mauve, and “Kathy,” a vibrant cranberry, offer something for everyone–and a rich, creamy texture to boot. •