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Shannon Olson is the author of the novels Welcome to My Planet and Children of God Go Bowling

Repeat After Me

Sex, typing, and the simple advice that could save your life

Junk Bonds

What’s the value of something unworn, unused, and gathering dust in your basement? Sometimes, it’s priceless.

Freshman Haze

Campus life has changed a bit since the days of typewriters and hall phones

Roughing It

Why do we keep going into the wild?

Different Strokes

The best rewards don’t always come in bronze, silver, and gold

Spring Cleaning

The problem with the past is that it’s not even past. It usually lives in the closet.

Mortgage Vows

The commitment I made with my house

Ticker Tape

Sometimes the ties that bind don’t seem strong enough to hold us together

Bad Romance

Navigating the fine line between passion and pretense

Annual Review

2011 was a year of ups and downs, triumph and heartbreak, masterpieces and missed opportunities. Or so I’ve heard.