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Knocked Out

When does a hit become one hit too many? New concussion research shows that head injuries sustained by young athletes have more serious long-term consequences than once thought.

Food Fight

Is a famed Minnesota doctor to blame for America’s obesity epidemic?

Natural Remedy

Can a walk in the woods or a trip to the North Shore boost your mood?

The How-To Guide to Your Health

From bone health to better sex, local experts offer easy-to-use advice on the health topics that matter most to you. Plus, the Slacker’s Guide to Living Forever!

Cycles of Life

Little fluctuations in the daily rhythms of the human body can make a big difference when it comes to health

What’s Your Name Again?

Senior moments aren’t just for oldsters anymore. And when it comes to memory lapses, proper names often are the first things to flee your mind.

Code Check

Genetic testing reveals a wealth of data about you and your family. But when it comes to your DNA, how much information is too much?

Let’s Talk About Sex*

*Sex troubles, that is. And while we’re at it, let’s break the silence on mental illness and drug abuse. Incontinence? Now there’s another taboo topic women are only beginning to discuss with their doctors. Open up. Don’t be embarrassed. Honest, you’ll feel better if you’re frank with your physician—and with other women—about such verboten subjects.

The Parent Trap

When kids leave for college, parents beam with pride. But when the first cry for help comes—a roommate problem, registration snafus— moms and dads often find themselves wondering what to do. Send brownies? Call the dean? Dispatch a moving van? The choices aren’t always clear. So here’s a parents’ guide to surviving the first year of college.

Top Doctors for Women 2006

Your guide to the Twin Cities best MDs for female patients—as chosen by their fellow physicians.