DeRushaEats: Dominguez Family Restaurant

I love good Mexican food, and frankly, I’ve been disappointed at how few options we have in the Twin Cities. St. Paul has El Burrito Mercado, and La Cucaracha, Minneapolis has Salsa a la Salsa, and Masa gives a nice upscale Mexican treatment.

But if I lived in the Nokomis neighborhood of Minneapolis, what a bright burst of flavor awaits. Dominguez Family Restaurant is hardly hidden—the exterior gives you a hint that this is going to be good.

Elias Dominguez and his family opened the Dominguez Family Restaurant in Minneapolis in 2006. There are only about 15 tables in the restaurant, and it was about half-full on the Monday night we had dinner.

The tortilla chips were homemade and hot when they arrived, and although the salsa looked like a small container of ketchup, the flavor was perfect—a little smoky, a little spicy.

I ordered the Costa Taquitos ($9.25) which come with beef, chicken or steak on a corn tortilla. The white onion and cilantro balanced it nicely, but the magic came from an avocado/tomatillo sauce. It transformed a tasty dish into a delicious dish.

My friend Carly Danek took me to Dominguez (she took these awesome pictures), and she ordered shrimp tacos ($9.85).

They were nothing fancy, just perfectly seasoned shrimp on a flour tortilla.

And that’s what Dominguez is: nothing fancy, just rock solid, delicious Mexican food. You can taste the love that this family is putting into their food, and you’ll end up like Carly—coming back again and again, bringing your friends.

Dominguez Restaurant
3313 E. 50th St., Mpls.