New Restaurant Review: Guacaya Bistreaux

Chef Pedro Wolcott brings a vibrant tapas place to his own North Loop neighborhood
Guacaya Bistreaux
Guacaya Bistreaux

Part Panama, part New Orleans, all flavor. Chef Pedro Wolcott brings new life and energy to his own North Loop neighborhood. Guacaya Bistreaux is an order-at-the-counter, pay-via-a-QR-code tapas place, although there are full-sized entrees like jerk chicken ($26) and shrimp and grits ($25), too.

We loved the ceviche ($18)—a vibrant mix of bright green avocado and orange sweet potato mousses, with crunch from plantain chips, plus lime-cured fresh whitefish. Mini arepas ($14) with slow-roasted suckling pig were a salty, sweet treat.

Meanwhile, the yuca fries ($9) and crispy Brussels sprouts ($12) make for a great snack in between North Loop bar hopping.

Guacaya Bistreaux, 337 N. Washington Ave., Minneapolis,