The Salad Bar

A fast-casual veggie option takes to the skyway

With spring on the horizon, eating light is back in season. The Salad Bar offers downtown Minneapolis cubicle-dwellers a new place to get their veggie fix in the build-your-own style that’s rapidly taking over fast-casual dining (think Chipotle burritos and Subway sandwiches). Provided you’re understood over the kiosk’s oversize sneeze guards, a bevy of fresh ingredients is at your disposal to build a customized wrap or salad to be tossed or chopped into bite-sized oblivion with a mezzaluna (those crescent-shaped, double-handled blades) and paired with a chewy piece of pita bread. For the less creative, pre-made combinations range from Caesar to Greek. But be forewarned: Oddly enough, “light” and “on the side” aren’t in the staff’s vocabulary, so you’ll have to sacrifice the ranch entirely if you’re looking to squeeze into those skinny jeans.