Wine of the Month: What Else, But Rosé?

The heat of summer is here early and so is the season for pink wine

It’s been stinkin’ hot, with multiple days with temperatures in the 90s. My home in Maple Grove hit 100 degrees Saturday, and when it’s hot like this there’s no doubt what I want to drink: it’s rosé. From the under-$15 patio pounders to the more interesting and complex bottles you can find for $20-plus, the variety of options has never been better.

I want to highlight one bottle, and then let you know about a rosé six-pack that I’ve put together with a St. Paul wine shop to benefit my favorite charity event, the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital Wine Fest. (It’s coming in July!)

The Cloudline Pinot Noir Rosé is a special bottle, with an unusual story. (By the way, if you love pinot noir, you will love this bottle.) Cloudline is produced exclusively for one of my favorite importers, Dreyfus Ashby, by one of the most talented winemakers in the world, Veronique Drouhin-Boss. If you love Oregon wines you may know Domaine Drouhin, if you love Burgundy wines you certainly know Maison Joseph Drouhin. Veronique Drouhin is the head winemaker of both of those wineries, so to have her touch on Cloudline is very exciting, especially at this price point.

Cloudline sources pinot noir from a number of low-yield vineyards in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. The color is salmon, there’s real structure here with a bit of peach on the nose. It’s delicate but full of fruit, with great acid and balance. You’ll find it all over town between $20-$25.

Thanks to the support of importer Wine Company of Minnesota, and one of my favorite rose masters, Chuck Kanski at Solo Vino, I’ve put together a six-pack of rosés for $100. From each purchase, $12 goes to the U of M Children’s Hospital—which is awesome. After a remote event last year, I’ll be hosting Wine Fest 2021 on July 31.

Here’s what’s in the six-pack: Cloudline Pinot Noir Rosé, Pedroncelli Dry Rosé of Zinfandel, Sant’ Antonio Scaia Rosato, M de Minuty Rosé, Chateau Campuget Rosé and Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Rosé. We’ve got a variety of flavor profiles, from Provence pink to bold red Zinfandel. Order online, or just show up at Solo Vino, they’re all boxed up and ready for you to cool down over the summer.

Chuck is also bringing back Rosé Fest! An event! With people and fun and no masks (unless you want) and normalcy! Rosé Fest will be in downtown St. Paul along the River on June 20th. 90 minute timed tasting sessions starting at 2 p.m., 4 p.m., and 6 p.m. (It’s a great Fathers’ Day present!) Lots of samples to help you decide which bottles you want to buy this summer, as well as catered snacks from Revival Smoked Meats. Plus, live music from local producer and DJ André Mariette spinning chill vibes from his Somber Summer EP throughout the day. Get your tickets for $45.

So drink pink, and help the kids.

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