Your Guide to Hiring a Private Chef in Minnesota

Jason names his dream chefs for hosting a private dinner
Chef Yia Vang

Photo by Lauren Cutshall

Bougie alert!

I know, hiring a private chef isn’t for everyone (if it is for you, please invite me!), but more people are doing private dinners instead of big company parties. Maybe you want to have a couple friends over and instead of stressing out about a meal, you plan to have a great chef do it.

I’ve put together a list of chefs I’d love to have prepare a private dinner, or chefs I’ve had others recommend. Most of them will do a big event, or even a small dinner of a couple people. The budget varies, but this isn’t a bargain-hunters situation. Typically, expect dinners to start at $75 per person.

(This is not an exhaustive list – feel free to add your favorites in the comments below!)

Private Chefs

Todd Macdonald, Braise Catering (formerly Parella and Red Cow chef)

Michael Rassmussen, Chef Rassy

Lisa Atkinson, Nosh & Gather

Paige & Rick Didora, Houndstooth

Mo Kotb, Dervish Mazza (Mediterranean Cuisine)

Jametta Raspberry, House of Gristle

Clara Doe, Girl With Spoon (West African/Soul Food), email at

Robin Aspell (specializes in whole grains and plant-based cuisine), email at

Heather Jansz, The Curry Diva (Sri Lankan specialties)

Colin Murray & Jamie Compton, Wandering Kitchen

Carline Bengtsson, Dine4Dinners (1/4 profits go to feed the hungry)

Zach McFall, Bartlett Catering (formerly of Tilia/Spoon and Stable)

Sarah Lang, A Simple Kitchen

Ian & Nicole Baggett, Host a Toast

Restaurant Chefs

Yia Vang, Vinai Feasts

Sameh Wadi, Grand Catch/World Street Kitchen

Michael Shaughnessy, Advellum, email at

Adam Lerner, Saint Dinette, email at

Corey Meier, The Grocer’s Table (formerly Oceanaire, CrEATe Catering)

Jim Christiansen (formerly Heyday), email at, call at 612-819-8130

Sam Daigle, Brunoise (formerly Spoon and Stable/J. Morton’s Meats)

Michael Agan (formerly Xavi), email at or text 612-730-2126

Heather Asbury, Heather’s Minneapolis, email at

Jamie Malone, Keep It Grand

Soleil Ramirez, Arepa Bar

Junji Umezu, The Hapa Chef, email at, find at