5 Playgrounds to Visit in the Twin Cities

There’s nothing better than swinging on a swing, or flying down a winding slide when you’re a little kid

Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

There is no better time to explore the state of Minnesota with your little ones than during the summer months. With all 10,000 of the lakes to be found, there are almost as many public parks and playgrounds that are just waiting to be discovered by families with young children. Here are some of the best parks and playgrounds for children in the Twin Cities area.

Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

Levin Triangle Park

Although small, this little gem of a park is found merely a block away from Lake of the Isles in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Minneapolis. After much needed maintenance and reconstruction in 2012, Levin Triangle now holds a small swing area, slides, a climbing structure, and a sand pit. This is a perfect spot for those looking for a park a little closer to home in Minneapolis. Plus, it’s only two blocks off Hennepin Avenue, so a quick bite to eat after lots of playing is totally doable. 1600 W 26th St., Minneapolis

Landscape Structures

Madison’s Place Playground

Located in Woodbury, Madison’s Place features a 16,000-square-foot, all-inclusive playground. With wheelchair accessible ramps and shaded areas built into the play structure to block heavy sun, this playground is a perfect spot for children of all ages and abilities. The park also includes a splash pad, open during the summer season, and is completely free for all visitors. 4125 Radio Dr., Woodbury

City of Stillwater

Teddy Bear Park

Named for the giant teddy bear statues that pepper the park, Teddy Bear Park, located in Stillwater, is the perfect place to get your kid’s imagination running. The park hosts different play structures in the shapes of trains and trees, and many sitting areas for parents to watch. This park is also known for how clean and safe it is, being tucked away from busy street corners. After an afternoon of playing, head to Main Street for some ice cream at Leo’s Grill & Malt Shop. 207 Nelson St. E, Stillwater

Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

North Loop Playground

Centralized on the Mississippi River, the North Loop Playground is surrounded by beautiful parks, biking and walking trails, and historical sights. The playground itself has multiple play structures, one for babies and one for those a little older. This well-kept park is also walking distance from the Stone Arch Bridge and downtown Minneapolis, so there is no shortage of activities in this area. 402 W River Pkwy., Minneapolis

Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

Powderhorn Park

Last but not least, Powderhorn Park, located in south Minneapolis, is great for every season. With huge grassy areas, a wading pool, sports courts, an ice rink, and a playground, this park is perfect for an all-day outdoor adventure with the kids, whether it’s warm and sunny or cold and snowy. Be sure to check out the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation website for a schedule of events. 3400 S 15th Ave., Minneapolis

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