Watch: Drone Videos of the Empty Twin Cities Are Haunting, Beautiful

These clips are love letters to Minneapolis and St. Paul during the COVID-19 pandemic
Minneapolis Skyline at night
Hello, Minneapolis. A sample of the epic footage captured via drone.

Sky Candy Studios

Want to set a big-budget action movie in the Twin Cities? Be sure to include Sky Candy Studios’ footage of Minneapolis and St. Paul in your pitch. Michael Welsh and Jay Christensen’s night-time drone captures from the Twin Cities have been making the rounds since the COVID-19 pandemic began. They serve as a reminder both of what we’ve been missing, and what some our favorite places look like when no one’s around.

The clips soar over the skylines, professional sports stadiums from Target Field to CHS Field, music venues like First Avenue, skyways over empty downtown streets, cathedrals, the State Capitol, and the iconic Mickey’s Diner.

Set to music (the Minneapolis video plays a piano instrumental version of the Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind”) and historic audio clips of big games, vintage advertisements, and powerful Hubert H. Humphrey speeches, the drama gets heavy in both. The question now: Which Minnesota city will get this cinematic treatment next?

Here’s “Empty Streets/Empty Seats,” based in Minneapolis:


Here’s “Sounds of St. Paul”:


Bonus: It seemed fitting to include this one featured on Sky Candy’s website, as well. “Minnesota // past + present” captures a load of the activities we’d all love to get back to, with archival footage: