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When it comes to relaxation and rejuvenation, the Twin Cities do it right

A large hot tub inside a spa.

photo by starush/fotolia

Whoever said “no rest for the wicked” clearly has never tried it. One of the best parts of my day is sitting down on the couch in a pair of athletic shorts after a day at work, turning on MLB Network, and eating my weight in golden double-stuffed Oreos. I dare you to tell me that working an 80-hour work week to make a bunch of money that you don’t have time to enjoy is better than this. Go on, I’ll wait. But we’re not here to talk about my levels of laziness and daily sugar intake; we’re here to talk about some of the best spas in the Twin Cities so you can take your relaxation levels to new heights (just in case MLB and oreos don’t quite cut it for you). 

Ivy Spa Club

A spot of tranquility in the madness that can be downtown Minneapolis, Ivy Spa Club is a jack-of-all-trades. Need to work off that slice of triple chocolate cake from last night’s dessert? They’ve got a fitness center for that. Looking for a new hairstyle? Have a seat in their salon and let their stylists leave your hair looking red-carpet ready. Or maybe you’re just looking for massage to relieve the stress from the day. This relaxation retreat has 12 to choose from. These options just skim the surface of what they offer, so for a full list of services, I highly encourage you to check it out for your body’s sake.

201 S. 11th St., Minneapolis, 55403 |

Juut Salonspa

With locations spread across the Twin Cities, a one-way ticket to relaxation is likely right outside your front door. With services that range from the tips of your toes to the ends of your hair, Juut Salonspa has what you’re looking for to be feeling your best. Have your makeup, hair, and skin taken care of by a professional for a night out on the town or another special occasion, or treat your body to a massage to free it from the stress of everyday life.

Various locations throughout the Twin Cities |


Who would’ve guessed that a company whose tagline is “The Healthy Way of Life Company” would house a spa dedicated to helping you feel even better? Everyone, that’s who. Not just a massive building full of treadmills and weight machines, Life Time’s Lifespa has everything you need to work out those kinks that build up while using the rest of their club (a pretty ingenious business model if you ask me). Services here include a hair salon, skin care, massages, and more. And the best part is everyone is welcome—no membership required.

Various locations throughout the Twin Cities |


When a hair stylist of 20 years joins forces with her husband who’s spent 23 years at Best Buy to create a spa and salon, the result is equal parts expertise and customer satisfaction—Phresh Spa Salon. A true family business, Phresh’s aspirations are to be the best at serving others, spread happiness everywhere, and live extraordinary lives. These pillars are evident in their work and the services they offer. With two locations and a host of services that include waxing, massages, skin care, and more, Phresh Spa Salon truly leaves their guests feeling fresh when they walk out the door.

Locations on Grand Avenue and at West End |

Spalon Montage

For starters, Spalon Montage has been treating the bodies of their guests right for more than 25 years, so when you have a seat in one of their salon chairs or lay down on a massage table, you can rest assured that nearly three decades of experience will be put to use during your stay. Driven by the philosophy of the Golden Rule, the professionals at this restoration refuge work on their guests as if their own bodies were sitting in the chair or lying down on the table. In addition to the usual suspects of services, Spalon Montage offers packages of services in the form of retreats to encompass a full-body experience.

Locations in Edina, Woodbury, and Chanhassen |