I AM Sarah Edwards

How one Minneapolis woman is using out-of-the-box story content to promote up-and-coming businesses

PHoto courtesy I AM Sarah Edwards

After 10 years of hustling in the marketing world, Sarah Edwards quit her job to start her own company: I AM Sarah Edwards, a company dedicated to unique marketing solutions for clients who are looking to expand their businesses.

By encouraging people to introduce, express and celebrate themselves (and their businesses), I AM Sarah Edwards solves problems in creative ways through story-driven content.

“Launching the agency provides a strong foundation and platform so that I can better help people and organizations share their stories and make thoughtful connections that bring the right brands, people and resources together,” Edwards said.

Edwards wanted to make a name for herself. She said that because her name is so common and generic, it was hard to find something as simple as a personal email without the use of random numerals following her name. Edwards distinguished herself from the others by simply placing “I AM” in front of her name, incidentally initiating the start of her brand.

As a self-made business owner herself, Edwards emphasizes the importance of understanding yourself and your capabilities.

“Let go of being a perfectionist,” she says. “Work with what you already have through your connections, resources and ideas.”

With that, Edwards is all about taking risks. Eight years ago she began her journey by starting Fashion Week Minnesota with a minimal budget and inevitable dream. “I am a doer,” she said. “I like solving problems so I tend to go out and do things.”

As an influencer, producer, storyteller and community connector Sarah Edwards imagines a new environment in which people are connected to resources that can make dreams a reality, further adding value to people’s lives.

With her “I AM” platform, Edwards is able to amplify businesses and their initiatives. The agency recently created a series through the I AM Connected Studio which partners with brands to tell stories that correlate with the monthly theme. Examples of upcoming features in the “I AM” series include a partnership with Surly Brewing Company in August 2018 for an event titled “I AM Rescued” and the launch of Jaguar Land Rover’s new electric Jaguar I-Pace in October 2018 for an event titled “I AM Electric.”

“Personally I believe that companies do not need to be permanent,” Edwards says. “I like the idea that things can constantly change.”

In addition to her larger projects with Sherman & AssociatesEast End Minneapolis,and Hands On Twin Cities the agency launched a new content series called “HOW CAN I HELP YOU?” to encourage networking. Every week Edwards interviews a different business owner, entrepreneur or creative mind and asks the simple question of “HOW CAN I HELP YOU?” The goal of this initiative is to entertain, connect, inspire and remind people that it is OK to ask for help. By diminishing the negative stigma associated with asking for help, Edwards is able to shine light on peoples’ stories in order to get them connected through her diverse network.

With an out-of-the-box way of thinking, Edwards is able to provide interviewees with a world of possibilities for the future of their lives, relationships and their businesses through engaging and promotional content (i.e. videos and social media).

The Vice President of Marketing at Sherman Associates Valerie Doleman said that Sarah is trustworthy and savvy. “Her team created a video that told a bigger story than I thought we could tell. It was bold, it was smart, and it was funny. It reached a broader audience than expected and it started a conversation with our clients that she’s continued to direct. Her initiatives out-performed our numbers and we are exceeding our sales projections. She nailed it,” Doleman said.

Succeeding in creativity, her clients have expressed how well she is able to cater to their needs as a business all while focusing on the uniqueness of each brand and audience that follows.

“At Hands On Twin Cities we help individuals, groups and companies put their passions into action through volunteerism. The magic of creating successful volunteer experiences happens through effective partnership on every level,” Tracy Nielson, Director of Hands On Twin Cities said. “Sarah and her team seem to be plugged in to every network in the Twin Cities and with their connections and knowledge they are helping build awareness about volunteerism and Hands On in ways we never imagined were possible.”

In addition to her work with the I AM brand, Edwards is also a co-founder of Fashion Week Minneapolis, a spokesperson for Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis,a brand ambassador for numerous companies, the Community Lead for Bumble; a location-based social and dating app where women make the first move, and has been hired by companies across the nation to speak about storytelling, authenticity and community.