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MN Nice Advice: Making Friends

How to expand your Midwest social circles

MN Nice Advice: Battling Heat and Culture Bubbles

Thermostat woes and how to step outside of your cultural bubble

MN Nice Advice: Holiday Edition

Should I break up with my boyfriend before Christmas? Or wait until after the holidays?

Minnesota’s Unlikely Downhill Ski Legacy

No mountains? No problem. How America’s original ski area birthed Lindsay Vonn and other Olympians

MN Nice Advice: Hunting

What to do when you consider your hubby’s hobby murder—and he wants a gun on his tombstone

MN Nice Advice: Halloween

What to do if your neighbor turns the lights out on the ghoulish night, and whether or not it's OK to hand out toothbrushes

MN Nice Advice: Back to School

Choosing the “wrong” major and eating alone at lunch

MN Nice Advice: Cabin Etiquette

Group therapy and cheesy décor invade lakeside living

Secrets of Split Rock

The original North Shore destination still beckons

The State of Adoption

Minnesota has long been a haven for adoptees. But times have changed, and now one of their own is fighting for their lives