Drink of the Week: Bradstreet Craftshouse's Soak the Sin

The new Bradstreet Neighborhood Crafthouse has a drinking (and dining) corner set for all seasons. There is no nicer new patio than the one alongside the recently remodeled building. There are glorious views of the downtown Minneapolis skyline and plenty of action to eye along this busy section of Hennepin Avenue. Inside there are plenty of nooks and crannies to curl up in, plus a sleek bar and comfortable tables at the center of the action.

The former incarnation of Bradstreet revolutionized cocktails in the Twin Cities, with spherical ice cubes and an impressive list of barmen who have gone on to run their own programs. After the Graves 601 hotel that housed the bar was sold, the move to the former Rye Deli space began. The newest spot pays no less attention to expertly concocted drinks, but the team has also amped up the food menu.

Particularly suited for summer sipping is the Soak the Sin ($12, as are the rest of the cocktails), a balance of husky spirit with fresh and bright summer flavors. Hayman’s Old Tom gin and Becherovka (a spice liqueur with cinnamon and clove flavors) are balanced with watermelon, lime juice, and mint, and sweetened with a judicious amount of simple syrup and tonic. The result is a crowd-pleasing cocktail that is complex without being over-wrought, sweet with being sugary, and holds interest from the first sip to the bottom of the glass.