Dermatologist-level Skincare Comes to Target

Dr. Brian Zelickson brings dermatologist-level skincare to Target

What’s the No. 1 impediment to beautiful healthy skin? Find out more from Dr. Zelickson here.

Dr. Zelickson has a secret. The nationally renowned dermatologist has come up with a way to bottle the beautiful skin for which clients at his Edina Zel Skin & Laser Specialists clinic pay several hundred dollars and put it on the shelf at Target. He won’t dish details. But the magic behind MD Complete, his newly launched anti-aging line, is “a new ingredient delivery system,” he says. The potent ingredients a dermatologist prescribes to reduce wrinkles and brown spots are “volatile,” he explains, and lose efficacy when combined. So patients have to layer on up to six products daily. His breakthrough system allows new combinations, making it easy (three steps), affordable (under $100), and as effective, he says, as a doctor-prescribed protocol. The catch: Yes, you do have to use it every day. •