Your Hair Goes Back to School

The weather begins to cool, State Fair chatter is upon us, and stores nationwide are chock-full of back-to-school gear. Even though most of my friends and I are now professionals sans children, the idea of the season change to fall still means back to school. I spent a couple of hours and a few too many dollars in our beloved hometown mega-retailer Target this week. Even though I’m not filling a backpack or furnishing a dorm, I still felt compelled to check out everything from notebooks to dishes to sheet sets.

I was on a rampage to revamp our house, routine, and organization systems, so naturally I grazed every shelf and aisle in the store. As we can admit, the Target magic spell has the ability to fill one’s shopping cart with far too many non-necessities. I even ended up with a height-adjustable dog bowl feeding contraption! I felt as though the dogs and my house didn’t deserve all of the goodies. So I went on a search for the must-have hair-care picks; whether they’re for your own fall revamp or “back to school!”

Shea Moisture Utility Soap – $5 (shown above)
Here’s one for the boys. This is a must-have that comes highly recommended from my boyfriend. The organic bar is a blend of avocado, shea, and mango butters for a smooth and moisturizing experience. The 3-in-1 works as a shampoo, body bar, and shave soap.

Waterpik Eco Flow Handheld Showerhead
Sale, $27

I love this addition to my own shower. Extend the life of your blowout by showering your body while keeping hair dry. Bonus: It saves water—$100 worth—each year!

Room Essentials Microfiber Headwrap towels
Two-pack for $10

These microfiber mini towels fit around your head perfectly while soaking up excess water until you’re ready for styling.

Quirky Blue Shower Caddy
Sale, $8

This rocks for anyone who is a roommate or lives in a dorm. The shower caddy comes with 5 adjustable elastic separators so you can customize caddy space for your products. It is completely waterproof and can hang from a hook or showerhead.

Room Essentials Stack n’ Snap Organizer

This is another one that is great for the dorm. I use these for all kinds of things, but it’s especially great for toiletries. Fill with makeup, brushes, hair accessories, and nail polish. Click the compartments together, and carry by the handle.

Suave Dry Shampoo
Sale, 2 for $3

I almost jumped for joy when I saw this deal, so I stocked up! This is a great beginner’s dry shampoo. It is very light, smells great, and is so affordable. Spray on your roots to decrease the appearance of oil. Bonus tip: Spray all over before whipping hair up into a loose braid, updo or bun. It texturizes slippery locks for a more workable style.

Biotin Liquid Softgels
Sale, $7-$8

Biotin is the vitamin form of a superfood. I added it to my supplement regime years ago, and people constantly ask what my secret is to super-quick hair growth. Researchers have also found that the B-complex vitamin may slow hair loss. In addition, it will mend brittle nails, skin rash, and even mild depression. Start now!