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The International Festival of Owls

Giving a Hoot in Houston, Minnesota

Icebox Days in International Falls

From toilet-seat toss to group-effort cross-country skiing, one writer looks into the wonderfully weird ways International Falls celebrates winter—even as our “Icebox of the Nation” starts to thaw

More Insight from Legacy Family Members

The extended version of this month's feature on Minnesota family dynasties

Minnesota Family Legacies

Meet the multi-generational Minnesota lineages with lasting influence in business, politics, sports, philanthropy, and culture. And hear their thoughts on their family’s values and contributions to the state —plus the pressures and pet peeves of belonging to a family legacy.

Is Minnesota the Best in the Midwest?

Our wide-ranging, data-driven, totally authoritative yet dramatically unscientific assessment of how we compare to our neighbors

Inside the Purple Palace

Touring Prince's Paisley Park