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The History and Uncertain Future of Hiawatha Golf Course

The southeast Minneapolis course remains a special place in the Black community amid contentious development plans

Was John Donaldson Minnesota’s Greatest Baseball Player?

Segregation kept the pitcher out of the majors, but he still wowed fans across the state

How Addiction Recovery Has Adapted to the Pandemic

The Wayside Recovery Center worked hard to keep women safe and help them heal after COVID-19 took hold
The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Kids for the Boundary Waters Fights Mining in MN

Joseph Goldstein formed Kids for the Boundary Waters to protect the BWCA from contamination

Motivational Kick: St. Paul's Sanneh Foundation Brings Soccer to Haitian Kids

How Tony Sanneh’s Haitian Initiative soccer program changes lives—on and off the field

Sext Ed

It doesn’t matter if she gets all As. Or if he has good friends. For teenagers, sending and receiving nude photos is as common as underage drinking and having sex. But when images go viral, parents, schools, law enforcement, and victims are struggling to deal with the fallout.

Bet Your Life

As problem gambling ensnares some in a nightmarish cycle of compulsion and shame, one innovative Minnesota center is at the forefront of treatment

R.T. Rybak's Next Act

Can the former Minneapolis mayor bridge the achievement gap in education?


The drug scene has changed over the past generation: A new lineup of drugs and technology makes them easier to get than ever—but many parents don’t want to admit it.

Power of Attorney

Two years ago, Lori Swanson took office as the state attorney general, pledging to fight for everyday people. So why are lawyers leaving her office in droves?