New Restaurant Review: Morgan’s Broth & Buns

This Edina-based challah bread and chicken noodle soup takeout lives up to the hype and then some

Every Friday at 4 p.m., 22-year-old Morgan Dachis hits a button, opening her online order form. And of late, by 5 p.m., her broth and her buns are sold out for the week. Hard to believe it’s possible, but her challah bread exceeds the hype and is worth every penny of its $9 price tag. 

Dense and airy, sweet but yeasty. One of my friends who’s spent the pandemic perfecting her own recipe took one look at Morgan’s and started asking questions: How does she get that perfect shiny shellacking? Does she use honey or sugar? How many proofs?

Alas, all Morgan would tell me is she uses egg painting for the exterior shine. The rest remains a secret.  Every week she sells variations of that challah. My family and I particularly liked the challah topped with rosemary and sea salt, as well as the everything-seasoning bagel topping.

As per the name, Morgan’s also sells broth, specifically chicken noodle soup. Not to get carried away, but it’s the perfect iteration of chicken noodle, leaning heavily into a fresh dill flavor, enhanced with a nice dunk of a challah bun.

Morgan is one of many who has used COVID-time to chase a dream, and while someday she hopes to have her own brick-and-mortar restaurant, for now she’s content obsessing over the perfect bread and delivering it to your car from her parents’ Edina home.

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