Revisit: Convention Grill

Head to Edina for diner excellence with nostalgic touches

A patty melt, basket of fries, and chocolate shake at Convention Grill.
Patty melt with chocolate banana malt

photos by terry brennan

Jason: For more than 80 years, people from Edina, south Minneapolis, and beyond have bellied up to the counter and taken in the smell of freshly grilled burgers and perfectly crisped French fries at Convention Grill.

Joy: I was so psyched to bring my kids here. At 3 and 9, my little family is finally at the perfect age to appreciate this spot on Sunnyside Road. Even the address makes me smile.

Jason: When my family came on a Saturday afternoon, everything was exactly as you’d hope. Our server has worked there for decades. The owner’s son, Tony Rimarcik (who is in his 50s), was working the room, making sure everything was just right. And it was: Our blue cheeseburger was nicely seasoned and grilled medium-well, and our patty melt had the sweetness of fried onions and the gooeyness of melted sharp cheddar and muenster cheeses.

Joy: Our meal was exactly what we wanted: burgers with squishy buns, super-thin and crispy bacon, a mess of dark-brown fries, and a giant malt for each of us.

The interior at Convention Grill.

Jason: Convention Grill isn’t high cuisine, but the little touches show how much this team cares. The fries are hand-sliced, with a combo of crispy outside and creamy inside. They make their own hot fudge, and its richness makes the giant malt a delight.

Joy: The malts are straight from ice cream heaven. True, this spot is all about nostalgia, and maybe I wouldn’t drive across town for that burger, but the overall experience is all heart—and chocolate and bananas, mixed into vanilla ice cream and whirred together, with a mountain of whipped cream and an unnaturally red cherry on top.

Jason: John Rimarcik owns the Monte Carlo and Runyon’s, among other classics, and he does Minnesota a favor by preserving these classic dives that appeal to all of us without sacrificing service or quality.

Convention Grill Quick Tips

Runyon’s Chili

The chili recipe from Runyon’s includes tomato sauce that’s so dark red that it’s almost purple


Huge parking lot next to and behind the restaurant

Great Neighborhood

Hello Pizza, France 44 Wine & Cheese, and the Linden Hills Co-op are nearby

3912 Sunnyside Rd., Edina, 952-920-6881,