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Where Are They Now?: Dean Barkley

In Minnesota, Barkley founded the Independence Party, ran for the U.S. Senate three times, and led Jesse Ventura’s successful gubernatorial campaign—but how would he like to be remembered?

The Killer Who Haunts Me

Was Harry Hayward, the last person hanged in Hennepin County, America’s first serial killer? His chilling confession to crimes in the late 1800s points to that conclusion.

Outlaws’ Resurrection

How the state’s most notorious bandits became celebrated ex-cons

Candy Bar Combat

How a candy maker found sweet success by inventing the Milky Way in Minnesota

40 Moments That Changed Minnesota

Four decades ago, Minnesota Monthly got its start. Here are 40 events that have had undeniable impact on Minnesota and its inhabitants in the past 40 years.

Rejects d’ Art

The classical-realism art movement got its start in Minnesota. So why have its practitioners had such difficulty winning the respect of the art establishment?

Blocked Shot

How a basketball star lost points when he entered Minnesota politics.