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Tim Brady is a St. Paul freelance writer

When the Whole World Was Watching

Forty years ago, two Minnesotans led the pack in the race for the presidency. Here’s how they ran—and lost.

How Minnesota Saved Civilization

150 years—and 31 ways that we changed modern life

Cold Blooded

When journalist Walter Liggett was gunned down in the alley behind his house in 1935, his family pointed fingers at the mob—and one of Minnesota’s most popular politicians

The 10 Most Unwanted

We've been duped, swindled, cheated, and conned by some smooth operators over the past 150 years. But perhaps they deserve more than our scorn.

Crime Capital

In the ’30s, St. Paul was the hideout of choice for America’s most infamous gangsters

40 Moments That Changed Minnesota

Four decades ago, Minnesota Monthly got its start. Here are 40 events that have had undeniable impact on Minnesota and its inhabitants in the past 40 years.