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The Knight Foundation Sponsors a Green Line Challenge

Have an idea for a project benefitting St Paul neighborhoods along the Green Line? Submit it to The Knight Foundation’s Green Line Challenge!

How To Create the Perfect Straight Shrimp

Chef Jason Ross demonstrates how to make tempura shrimp.

Madden’s Releases Chef Line-Up for Late Summer Bash

Top-notch local chefs join Madden’s Food and Wine Weekend.

High School Sports Go Culinary

The ProStart Invitational gets high school students cooking to compete for scholarships.

Heyday Opens Tuesday

A long time coming—Heyday finally opens in Minneapolis on Tuesday.

How to Make Gefilte Fish for Passover

Making gefilte is more art than science. Learn how to make this delectable dish at home.

Should New York Restaurant Critic Rush to Defend Per Se?

Does the public nature of the Department of Health’s grading system foster misinterpreted information?

Cheeky Monkey Sriracha Chili Powder Fairy Dust

Time to take your Sriracha relationship to the next level?

Patisserie 46 Chef is Team Captain in International Competition

Chef John Kraus will lead team U.S.A. in the world Pastry competition next year in Lyon France as team captain.

Relevé Champagne Lounge at the Graves

A first look at Minneapolis' champagne bar.